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Dunton Farm Pictures

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2005 Season
3/4/05 - An unusual March day in Northern Oregon.  Beds were worked in the fall, "lasagna composted" and are free of weeds and ready to plant.  Got some peas planted. 3/11/05 - Hillside tilled so decided to try and turn and aerate the big compost heap from the fall cleanup effort.  It was, needless to say, wet.  The tractor became stuck to the floor boards.

4/20/05 - Prep work for the 2005 season.  We were able to get our IH-606D out in the dirt on 3/11.  Very early for us here.  We had an incredible dry February and early March.  Then it started raining.  And did not let up until yesterday.  The grass was close to a foot tall and required several passes, raking, and bagging to get it looking a bit more presentable and less like a field.  Hopefully next mowing won't take two full days.

4/25/05 - Spider hatch.

4/29/05 - Peas

4/29/05 - Just waiting.

4/29/05 - Orchard freshly mowed.

5/2/05 - 12:00 a.m. Slug patrol.  Been heading outside between 11:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m. on slug hunting expeditions.  With the mild winter we had, it is a bad year for slugs and bugs.

5/3/05 - Some of the tomato plants.  These are what I am trying to protect from slugs with my nightly patrols.  Early this morning I located and killed many hundreds more.  I saw considerable less big ones though.

5/14/05 - Spent the day weeding the big garden.  Fall cleanup and preparation really paid off.  The cultivated bed in the foreground simply had the remaining compost racked free and soil loosened with a 3-prong weeder.

5/14/05 - Pea progress.  The trellising was created using twigs and branches from pruning the orchard.

5/20/05 - First flower.

5/20/05 - Starting to fill out (finally).  I think they were really stunted by the pest attacks.


6/3/05 - Main trial garden facing south.

6/3/05 - Main trial garden facing north.

6/3/05 - Hillside garden facing northwest.

- Hillside garden facing northeast.

6/21/05 - "Free" snap dragons, violets, and 'Mole Plant'.  Volunteers from leaf compost

6/21/05 - Facing southwest.

6/21/05 - Hillside garden facing northwest.

7/15/05 - close-up of hay winnowed and raked.

Click here for hay pictures.

7/15/05 - 'Wisconsin Seedleaf' tobacco in the foreground, 'Sunshine' corn in the back and example of tomato spacing we shot for this year.

7/15/05 - What I dream about all winter long.

7/15/05 - Looking North.  Raspberries in the foreground.

7/17/05 - Out standing in our field.

7/29/05 - Farm facing south. Hillside cleanup (berry eradication) underway.

7/29/05 - Facing North.

7/29/05 - Facing Northwest.

7/29/05 - Hillside facing Southeast.  4 year old George Washington gravesite willow tree clone in foreground.

7/29/05 - Wider angle view of hillside garden.

7/29/05 - Hillside "woodlot".  Working on mowing and removing berry briars as well as removing old fences and generally cleaning the area up.

8/29/05 - Facing North.

8/29/05 - Facing Northwest.

8/29/05 - Facing South.

8/29/05 - Facing Southwest.

8/29/05 - Hillside facing Northwest.

10/16/05 - Cleanup Commences

10/16/05 - Building Compost Heap

10/16/05 - Plants are removed.

10/16/05 - Beds picked clean of old fruit and weeds, and then raked clean.

10/16/05 - Some tidy beds

10/16/05 - Quite a bit accomplished.


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