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Dunton Farm Pictures

2006 Season
3/18/06 - On Thursday the 16th, I actually got outside for an hour or so and got part of the berries cleaned up and trellised.  Today, I got John to finish cutting out the dead canes and then we got the berries cleaned up.  Neither of us remembered doing this chore last year so not sure it got done :)  Felt good to get outside.  Also did a bit of pruning on the fruit trees.  Have a long way to go.

5/20/06 - This is the third pass this season at tilling the kitchen garden

5/22/06 - Potatoes

/06 - Lettuce, kale and cabbage transplants set.  Other vegetables sown by the family on the day prior.

/06 - Cucumber and summer squash.

/06 - Bean teepee.

/06 - Another view of rows sown.

5/22/06 - Broccoli transplants finally set out and slug traps set.

5/22/06 - Close-up of broccoli.

5/28/06 - Greenhouse shot.  Plants are about ready to go.

5/28/06 - Potting Shed

5/28/06 - Potting Shed

5/31/06 - There was a break in the rain so I tilled the garden.  A lot of the seeds that the family planted are up.

5/31/06 - It has been pretty cold and damp but the beans are just starting to show.

5/31/06 - After I tilled, I marked out rows and John started setting 'Orchard Baby' corn seedlings.

5/31/06 - A wider shot.  Much of the empty space in the foreground will be a planting of 'Arikara' watermelons.

5/31/06 - Looking southeast towards the greenhouse.

5/31/06 - Facing due south.

5/31/06 - While John was planting, I started mowing the hillside and the fence line on the lower field.

5/31/06 - It was a big pain as I have not kept up with it and the hay was about four feet tall and kept jamming.

5/31/06 - I do this as when they hay, they never cut close the the fence.  Also, we have been planting trees and don't want them mowed.

6/9/06 - Taters in the foreground, row crops up, maters planted.

6/9/06 - Greenhouse emptying out (finally).

6/9/06 - Blueberries ripening.

6/9/06 - Red currants ripening too.

6/9/06 - Big garden facing southwest.

6/9/06 - Broccoli.

6/9/06 - Hillside tilled

6/9/06 - Big garden facing northeast.

6/12/06 - Big garden facing southwest with tomatoes planted.

6/12/06 - Broccoli.

6/12/06 - Hillside facing northeast, tilled a couple of more times and tomatoes planted

6/12/06 - Big garden facing northeast with tomatoes planted

7/1/06 - What a freaking mess!  This was literally the first time I have been in this garden in two weeks.  Been Avoiding it as you can see.

7/1/06 - Here is the same shot a couple of hours later.

7/1/06 - Before.

7/1/06 - After.

7/1/06 - Beans starting to run.

7/1/06 - Beans and maters.

7/1/06 - Berries.

7/1/06 - I was trying to wait until the 5th to get back to farm work.  But David keeps writing of all of the tilling and hoeing he has been doing. So I could take it no more.  I got the mess tilled up but still need to do the close in weeding and hoeing.  That I will start on the 5th.

7/7/06 - Cabin flowerbed.

7/7/06 - Sunflowers

7/7/06 - Harry

7/11/06 - Came up on its own from yard debris.  No clue what it is.

7/11/06 - This rose came up as a volunteer from seed last year.  This is the first year it bloomed and it was worth the wait!

7/11/06 - Close-up of the volunteer rose.

7/12/06 - No idea what this is.  It came up in a crack in the concrete.

- Hillside facing northwest.

7/12/06 - Facing southeast.

7/12/06 - Facing south.

7/12/06 - Facing southwest.


|7/19/06 - John watering.  It takes about nine hours to water everything by hose.  It it averaging about once a week so far this summer.

7/19/06 - Sweetpeas

7/19/06 - Hillside facing northwest.

7/19/06 - Facing southwest.

 WOW!!!  Basically sloughed off on the taking of pictures for a couple of months.

10/29/06 - Fall for sure now.  Here is the proof.

10/29/06 - Fall garden clean up has started.

10/29/06 - Starting point for a mountain of compost.

10/29/06 - Hillside facing northeast.



Gardens cleaned up and starting to get leaves spread on the beds.

11/18/06 - The farm from the bottom field.

11/18/06 - John working on kitchen garden cleanup.


We had another rainless day today so took advantage and worked on finishing up garden cleanup, hauling tomato baskets to the loafing barn, and mowing up leaves.


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