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Dunton Farm Pictures

2007 Season
1/1/06 - Got an early start on things when we got some dry weather.  Ryan was on Christmas break from school so paid him to do some jobs.  He got several loads of leaves spread on the house garden.  Both my cousin and another landscaper brought leaves into December.  He also got all of the leaves spread in the house and field gardens.  Also got woodchips spread around - on the hillside, around the outhouse, and in the pathway in the field garden.  He also got some rock work done around the house parking area as well as a walkway to the toilet.

1/16/07 - First real snow since 2004.

2/16/07 - Working on visual screen fence.

2/17/07 - Got it done today.

2/17/07 - Provides some privacy.

3/29/07 - Got the berries pruned and trained up.

3/30/07 - John & Ryan got the front walk done.

- Kitchen Garden.  First pass at tilling.

5/1/07 - Facing SW.  Garden tilled the first pass.

5/9/07 - Facing SW.  OSU 'Community' broccoli planted.

5/9/07 - Bottom field. "George Washington" tree.

5/28/07 - Kitchen garden facing west. All tilled are ready to plant.

5/28/07 - Facing north.

5/28/07 - Facing towards the potting shed.

6/2/07 - Bottom field mowed and tomatoes planted.  Facing NW.

6/2/07 - John planting tomatoes.

6/2/07 - John planting tomatoes.

6/4/07 - Facing south.  Still have one "wild" bed to weed. All beds formed up and tomatoes planted.

July 15, 2007

Facing NW.

Facing SE.  It has been an odd weather season.  Periods of intense heat, rain, humidity, cool weather, etc.

Facing North.

Facing NE.

Facing South.

Facing SW.

John has been doing a good job of managing the grow out activities again with year.  In spite of the very odd weather this growing season, the plants are healthy and thriving.

August 9, 2007

Compare this to the very first picture above.

Looking down the drive towards the Loafing Barn.

Facing up the hill towards the chicken coop.  I used some concrete blocks and a fence panel to cover the manure trough.

We have been using dirt from the North driveway retaining wall project to fill and sculpt this hillside.  I am also making a pathway to the office so that we can keep the big gate shut.

August 16, 2007

Getting ready for a party

Path to the house.

Kitchen garden.

Big garden.

November 5, 2007

Starting the last week of September and continuing nearly every day until the third week in October, we had extremely wet weather.  We finally caught a break and we were able to get outside to finish up some project work as well as to get the gardens cleaned up, compost piles built, and leaves cleaned up.

Facing NW - Cleaned up and ready for leaves.

Facing NE

Facing NW - Hill Garden

Kitchen garden cleaned up.

Cool Weather Pictures

Storm brewing - 8/16

Lunar Eclipse - 0230 on 8/28

Cool rainbow - 9/28

Interesting cloud - 10/12


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