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2008 Season - Farm & Garden Pictures

1/11 - Facing SW

1/11 - Facing West

1/11 - Facing NW

1/11 - Kitchen Garden

1/27 - Snow

These Gnomes look like they are plotting something.

4/19 - This is not what mid-April is supposed to look like here!!!

4/19 - Mom replaced her flowers in this bed with strawberry plants.

4/20 - Seedlings coming up in my warm office.

4/26 - Mom's tulips are all up and beautiful.

4/26 - The gardens are in serious need of tilling but it is still to wet.  We got the cane berries trained.

4/26 - John also got the raspberries cleaned up.

5/6 - Tomato seedlings potted and in the greenhouse.

5/7 - Used the brush mower to knock down the winter's overgrowth.

5/8 - Although the ground is still pretty wet and too heavy, I couldn't wait any longer.  I got a first pass at tilling done.

5/15 - Kitchen Garden Facing Northeast.  Got a second pass done.

5/15 - Facing Southeast. The ground was still too wet to get the tractor out into but I needed to get the soil tilled.  Did it with the TroyBilt.

5/15 - Facing Southwest.  New seedhouse / barn going up in the background.

5/24 - Mom & Dad cleaning up a dahlia bed along a new road.

 5/24 - The bed all done.  Shortly after this picture was taken, we had gully washer rain storms.  The ground is now really saturated again.  Not sure when I will be able to till.

5/24 - John took an opportunity during a break in the rain to string trim around the farm.

 5/16 - Mom's new planting of strawberries are blooming

5/29 - In spite of the poor cold and wet weather we have been having, tomato plants are growing - slowly.

5/31 - Another pass at tilling.  Center "avenue" cleared and started spreading chips.  Hay is getting ripe but weather is still to wet.  New seedhouse / barn is progressing along.

6/1 - Facing SW showing what was completed the day before.

6/3 - Yesterday it was dry (even though the ground is still very saturated). I got the south half of the garden tilled while John worked on paths. It is raining again today. We plan on planting tomorrow. Very late this year.

 6/4 - Facing SW - Some tomatoes planted.

 6/4 - Facing SE

6/16 - Facing NW - Hillside

6/16 - Facing South

 6/16 - Facing Southeast

 6/16 - John planting beans.

7/1 - Facing NW - Hillside

7/1 - Facing Southwest

 7/1 - Facing Southeast

 7/1 - House Garden

7/24 - Facing Southwest

7/24 - Facing Southeast

 7/30 - Tent caterpillars found in a walnut tree.

 7/30 - Geo. Washington Willow Tree.
Really starting to take on a nice shape.

8/13 - Facing Northeast

8/13 - Facing Northwest

 8/26 - Facing Southwest

 8/26 - Facing Southeast

8/26 - Potting Shed / Tree Nursery

9/17 - Facing South

10/25 - Season is at an end after several frosts and one hard freeze.

10/25 - Garden Cleanup Begins.

10/25 - Six of us, all relatives, worked for about five hours and got the garden all cleaned up.  I was able to get a few more tomatoes harvested for seed and then we got plants out, a compost file built,

10/28 - Unusually beautiful weather allowed me to get out in the field and get it tilled up.

10/28 - Facing Southeast.

10/29 - Corn down.  Facing South.

10/29 - Facing Southeast.

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