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2009 Season - Farm & Garden Pictures

1/11/09 - Although not a garden picture, it was an amazing event.  A deer had evidently been hit by a car on the highway and made it a few hundred yards into the field before succumbing to its mortal injuries.  There are hawks, vulture, ravens and crows around so I figured that they would not let the animal go to waste.  And then this beautiful bird arrived.  It is hard to see from the grainy photos, but it was an American Bald Eagle.  I have never seen one in this part of Oregon and certainly never on our farm.  It was awesome to watch.  And the whole while it was here, there was not another animal nor bird in site.  We all stopped working and watched it until it had its fill and flew off.

4/6 - I got a break in the work and in the weather and took the opportunity to get the kitchen garden cleaned up and mowed short in preparation of tilling.

4/21 - Getting a first pass of tilling done on the big garden.

With the weather, this is the earliest I had been able to do this in a long time.

5/15 - Various shots from around the farmstead.  Continued preparation work on the kitchen garden.  A couple of landscape shots.  Some of the beautiful perennial flowers Mom has planted over the years.  And a hatch of baby garden spiders on the greenhouse door.

5/18 - I have a lot of design ideas but my time to work on projects like this is very limited.  So I just chip away at them when I can.  Sometimes, like these hardscape feature, they take years.

5/29-30 - I got another pass of tilling in to kill any weeds and then John worked on getting some beans and soybeans planted.

'Sweet Meat' squash sown and mulched.

A Russian cabbage variety named 'Zimovka 1474' going to seed.

I also worked for a few hours over a couple of days on getting a new plot of ground ready to till.  A broken steering arm on our big IH 606D tractor set me back a couple of days but I did get the hay mowed, cured, and picked up to use as mulch.  The last picture above is just a shot of the backyard.

6/2 - Pictures showing some of the tractor work I got done over the weekend.  First two pics show the "road" I built to make it easier to get from the barnyard into the fields. Last is the new chicken coop yard in progress.


8/5 - Just a neat shot of a moonrise over the garden.

The weather station sensors are on the left and tomato plants on the right.


9/1 - The summer blew by fast!  As usual.  The 'Large Purple Kidney' beans are done and harvested.  Other varieties are maturing fast as well.

9/3 - Some things drying.  Utilizing the "new" space that was our old chicken coop.

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