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2010 Season - Farm & Garden Pictures

4/17 - We are off to a late start this year as a result of being busy with seed orders along with it being a fairly wet spring. We all got out and tilled, mowed, weeded and got the berries up.

4/17 - Tomato seedlings are underway.  They were sown between 4/7 and 4/10 so they are all just starting to germinate.

This year I decided to utilize the space in the old cabin since it is insulated and easy to regulate the temperature in.  I moved in a rack, hooked shop lights to the underside of the shelves, and maintained the temperature at about 80F.

5/8 - Got back outside and Denise and I finished weeding the berries and I tilled cover crop into the kitchen garden.  John got the big gardens out in the field mowed and ready for me to till as soon as it dries out enough to get the tractor on.

5/8 - Finished up getting the tomato seedlings potted and into the greenhouse.  Of course, the weather took a turn and we had a couple of nights of freezing weather.

Using only that little Toyo Stove kerosene heater, I was able to keep it above 50F at overnight on about a pint of fuel.

5/12 - Busy day!  After getting orders and office work out of the way, I got outside about noon and started in.  Took me a while to get the old 1964 IH 606D started as it had been sitting all winter and both batteries were completely dead.  Once I got the batteries charged a bit, it fired right up and I got all of the gardens tilled.  I then worked until dark clearing brush, cutting out a few dead trees, weed-wacking, and mowing.  It was a gorgeous day and that helped to give me a ton of energy.  I was a bit sore the next morning :)

6/21 - Tomato plants set and various crops sown.

8/4 - The garden is finally kicking into full gear.

10/21 - It was a challenging gardening year hear in the Northern Willamette Valley.  We had an extremely wet spring which delayed planting.  Additionally, we had a wet start to fall which created harvest challenges as well.

The above pictures were taken after we had finished our tomato harvest (well, we really weren't done but hard frosts ended the season for us).  We were still working on the pole beans and got the last of the cucurbits in.  All things considered, it was an acceptable season.  It certainly could have been worse :)

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