Dunton Family Burial Ground

  Background: Since our lives are so intertwined with this farm, and since we have such a great respect for our ancestors, the most appropriate resting place for our physical bodies is here among the family.

So in 2007 when Mike's mother, Carole Dunton, was diagnosed with late stage breast cancer, we began researching the legality and process for creating a burial ground.

It made no sense to purchase crypt or cemetery space elsewhere. They are costly and inconvenient to visit. With the cemetery located on the farm, the memorials are a daily reminders of those who came before us. From a practical standpoint, we are able to more closely monitor maintenance needs.

The State of Oregon allows burial on private property. The area that we set aside for our family burial ground does not impact the operations of the farm in any way since it is a narrow, 100 foot wide swath of hillside property that borders the road in our North field. Additionally, in creating the burial ground, we created a landscaped area that is visually pleasing as well as wildlife habitat. It is configured to be accessible to family members.

The state and county discourage the creation of "sacred grounds" on private property because once established, they are intended to be maintained as such in perpetuity. The land is no longer available for any other use. This negatively impacts the property value, in some estimates as much as by 50%, but this is of no concern to us.

Since this whole farm is a sacred to us, we have taught the principles of stewardship to our children. We intend that this land remains under the stewardship of our family as a productive farm, a resource to the community around us, and our earthly home.

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Another Favorite Epitaph

"Death is a debt to nature due.
I have paid mine and so must you."



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