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A history of International Harvester and our farm's tractors.


Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Chestnut Links & Information

Chestnuts are harvested by hand.  After the chestnut bur opens and release its nuts, they are collected by hand and placed in a chilled water bath to remove field dust.  A second water bath assists in further cooling the chestnut.  They are then hand-sorted for size and store them at 32 degrees Fahrenheit prior to use or sale.

The six industry-recognized sizes for chestnuts are:

  • small (< 25 mm) -or-  > 45 nuts/lb.
  • medium (25-29 mm) -or-  40-45 nuts/lb.
  • standard (29-31 mm) -or-  30-40 nuts/lb.
  • large (32-35 mm) -or- < 30 nuts/lb.
  • extra large (35-38 mm) -or- < 30 nuts/lb.
  • special (> 38 mm) -or- < 25 nuts/lb.

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