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A history of International Harvester and our farm's tractors.


Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Our Business

The Past

Since our farm's beginning nearly a century ago, we have remained a diverse operation.

Over the years, our farm has produced flax for linen, registered Hereford cattle for breeding stock and beef, walnuts and filberts, chickens for meat and eggs, and hay for feed and sale. Additionally, its gardens and orchard has provided sustenance to our family, with excesses sold into the local community foodchain.

In 1998, Mike and Denise Dunton founded the Victory Seed Company. It became the main enterprise here on the Dunton Family Farm with a mission to protect rare seed varieties and keep them available to gardeners and growers worldwide. We researched the histories, located, grew, evaluated, and produced rare heirloom vegetable seeds that we sold to gardeners for nearly a quarter-century.

The Present

Hay HarvestWe still raise chickens (as pets and for eggs) along with several cats and dogs, as well as hay for mulching and sale.

Raising seed for the Victory Seed Company remains our primary farming enterprise.

The Future

We are always striving to make less of an impact on the environment and world around us. We are hardcore "re-users" and recyclers and are actively experimenting with alternative technologies. These include such areas such as rain water collection systems, mulching, compost piles and in situ composting, composting toilets, hedgerow creation and maintenance, and woodlot management.

As the farmland around us is rapidly becoming industrialized and urbanized, we are in the beginning stages of developing plans to protect our farm from falling victim to this troubling national trend.

We hope to maintain a position of importance within our local community by remaining an agricultural island (open space) and by supplying wholesome and healthy agricultural products to our neighboring community for generations to come.

To read more about our farming philosophy, please click here.

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