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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Franquette Walnut
Juglans regia

My ancestors had a small orchard of about ten English walnut trees that provided all of the nuts they needed plus many hundreds of pounds to sell into the local community to provide Franquette Walnutsextra income.

A fall-time ritual until recent years was to get one's hands stained black from picking up the nut, wash them in a cement mixer, and dry them on drying racks that were built for this purpose in our farm house's basement.  The nuts were then hand cracked and sorted and sold by the pound either as fancy (halves) or pieces.  They were sold for a cheaper rate per pound in the shell.

The variety grown here is called 'Franquette' and they were grafted onto black walnut rootstock.  They mature into very large trees, are excellent shade trees and produce nuts in clusters of two or three on the tips of the branches.

'Franquette' are the last English walnut variety to leaf out making them less susceptible to spring frost damage. Unfortunately, it is also late flowering which means it misses the pollen shed by other varieties, so nut set and yields are often poor. Fair production of well sealed, thin-shelled, high quality blond colored nuts that are harvested in late October.  This made them ready for sale for the busy holiday baking seasons.

They were also planted in these wet parts as they are blight resistant and are historically the principle variety grown in Oregon and Washington.

Our trees were about 75 years old when they started dying off.  We have two smaller trees that are about 25 years old and several un-grafted seedlings.

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