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Actinidia polygama

A large family of vines native to Asia and Eastern Russia, Kiwis make beautiful ornamentals and provide delicious and nutritious fruit.

In addition to the familiar fuzzy brown Kiwi, there are other species of Kiwi which are not so well known to American gardeners and consumers. While they differ in hardiness, vigor, and appearance, they all share Kiwis famous, sweet and delicious, emerald-green flesh (except Silver Vine, which has orange flesh).

All Kiwis are great plants for the home gardener - attractive, productive, and easy to grow vines, free of pests and diseases.

Issai Hardy KiwiA unique Hardy Kiwi variety from Japan, Issai bears heavy crops of large, sweet and delicious fruit. Less vigorous than other varieties of Hardy Kiwi, Issai can be grown on a fence or wall and is ideal for gardeners with limited space. Issai often begins bearing the year after planting and is ready to harvest in mid to late September. Issai is reportedly self-fertile although we have found that crops will be heavier and more reliable if it is planted with a male for pollination.
  • Latin Name: Actinidia arguta

  • Class: Hardy Kiwi

  • Size at Maturity: 8-10 ft. wide and tall

  • Pollination: Hardy Kiwi females require a male for pollination. Issai is somewhat self-fertile but plant with a male for larger and more reliable crops.

  • Pests & Diseases: Kiwis have suffered no significant pest or disease problems in North America.

  • Hardiness: issai is hardy to approx. minus 15F.

  • Bearing Age: 3-4 years after planting, Issai; 1-2 years after planting.

  • Bloom Time: May

  • Ripening Time: September-October

  • Yield: 100+ lbs.

  • Special Care: Spacing & Support: All species of Kiwis are vines that need support. Fuzzy Kiwis and Hardy Kiwis are particularly vigorous and require strong support to hold up the plants and the abundant fruit. Issai Hardy Kiwi, Silver Vine and Arctic Beauty Kiwi are

  • USDA Zone: 5

We also have a male and female fuzzy kiwi vine but do not know the exact variety.

Note:  Our plants were given to us as mature specimens by our Uncle John.  He no longer wished to keep them in his suburban garden and dug and delivered them to us.  We planted, cut them back and they thrived.  The shock of the move did keep them from bearing fruit for about two years, however.  He originally purchased the plants from One Green World, online at www.onegreenworld.com.

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