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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Cydonia oblonga

1829 Botanical Print of a QuinceOnce very popular and found on most old homesteads, quinces are now relatively hard to find and command a high price in local grocery stores and fruit stands.  The Greeks started the custom of giving a quince to a bride on her wedding day as a symbol of fertility; this ritual persisted well into the Christian era.

The quince deserves to be more widely planted in our gardens and landscapes.  It is an attractive, small tree, long lived, and valuable for its beautiful blossoms and fragrant fruit.

A typical quince fruit from our treesIn the spring, Quince trees are adorned with large, cup-shaped, pink and white flowers followed by abundant crops of large, bright yellow, sweetly aromatic fruit in late fall.  Quinces are known for their strong perfume, and will freshen up an entire room if left at room temperature for several days.

On our farm there do not seem to be any insect or disease problems and crops are usually very heavy.

Ancient Quince TreeHigh in Vitamin C and pectin, Quince are used to make delicious and nutritious preserves and baked goods.

The two original quince trees on our farmstead (see picture above) are at least 80 years old.  We have grown other trees both asexually propagated from clippings and from seed.

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