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Since 1909

Hippophae rhamnoides

Very popular in many regions of the world, North American gardeners are just learning about this valuable and attractive plant.

Sea Berry is native to both Central Asia, reaching as far as Western China, and in Europe, in countries around the Baltic Sea.

Among Sea Berry's many attributes are exceptional ornamental value, tasty and healthful fruit, cover and food for wildlife, and ability to grow in and improve poor soils.  As an ornamental, Sea Berry is prized for its attractive, narrow, grayish-green foliage and its fall display of large clusters of bright orange-yellow berries, which cover the branches and can persist well into winter.

Extremely hardy and tough, Sea Berry is unique in its ability to produce crops in the most inhospitable regions. The fruit is very high in Vitamin C (about 7 times more than lemons), Vitamin A, and E, and has a pleasant acidic flavor which, when sweetened, makes delicious juice. During the Cold War, East Germany used Sea Berry as a healthful substitute for orange juice, and Sea Berry juice is now very popular and widely available throughout Germany. The fruit is also unique for its oil content, which is used as a treatment for burns and skin diseases as well as for ulcers and other illnesses.

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