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Since 1909

Western Bluebirds

Western BluebirdFor many decades, beginning with the settlement of the Willamette Valley, this native bird has been squeezed out to the point that the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife has listed it as a "sensitive species."

Many things have attributed to their decline but it is thought that the following are the primary reasons:

  1. The loss of natural nesting cavities due to the removal of dead trees and snags.

  2. The increase in competition from House Sparrows and European Starlings.

  3. The reduction of insects eaten by bluebirds due to the use of pesticides.

I really was not aware of the plight of Western Bluebirds until receiving an unexpected visit by a concern volunteer in October of 2011.  He was driving by the farm and believed that it was a perfect habitat for them.  He told me about the bird, his volunteer efforts at working to restore populations, and asked if he could install a nesting box.

We installed it on a post near the chicken coop and close to the field.  We are looking forward to February when the males start scouting for locations to bring their mate.

More Information:

Western Bluebird photo 2007, Elaine R. Wilson
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