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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Work on the Farm

The links below are to various tasks and events on the farm. Although they can be rather mundane, they are important to success of our endeavors. Hopefully others will find the information educational or at least entertaining.

General Pictures

Projects and Regular Tasks

Projects and Facility Maintenance Work

Tools and Technology

General Summer Work Tasks

  • Put up firewood.
  • Weeding, watering, cultivating gardens and flowerbeds
  • Mowing and grounds maintenance (Thanks Grandpa!)
  • Keep up with noxious weeds in the fields (thistles, tansy, etc.). The extension agent suggested offering to do the neighbors or convince them to do it too.
  • Buy annual cover crop seed now in preparation for fall sowing.
  • New construction projects and general maintenance.
  • Plan for winter mud! Determine area that are prone to standing water and deal with drainage issues now.
  • Plan for fall pasture / field fertilizing now by having the soil tested and scheduling manure spreading.
  • Brush mow high grass and brambles around the fence lines to prevent encroachment into fields.
  • Maintain and repair fences.

General Fall Work Tasks

  • Take care of brush piles.
  • Leaf removal, garden cleanup, and grass clippings are used to prepare gardens for winter and to build compost piles.
  • Sow cover crops where required as soon as soil moisture levels are appropriate.
  • Mulch other garden areas heavily.
  • Clean and oil garden tools for winter storage.
  • Prepare all equipment for winter storage - remove batteries from tractors, drain fuel from small engine carburetors, etc.
  • Clean and organize potting shed and greenhouse.
  • Begin harvest, seed drying, cleaning, and germination testing as season dictates.
  • Create, publish and mail Victory Seed Company seed annual.
  • Move supply of firewood to the house cellar.
  • Make sure everything is put away in outbuildings before rains begin.
  • Manure the fields.

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