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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Creating The New House Entry and Landscape
2005 - 2007

This front corner of the yard was created when the state highway project was implemented in 2005 and our entry driveway's to the farm were consolidated and realigned.

Since there was now no access from the street, a new pedestrian gate was built and installed so that visitors could park outside the main gate and if unlocked on the inside, come into the property.  It also provides us a place to exit to walk to the neighbor's or to get our mail without having to open the big gate.

020105 - This is what our driveway / entry looked like at the beginning on the road widening project.

8/26/05 - Post road project but before fence.

8/30/05 - Here is the opening we created by installing the new wall.

5/4/06 - New metal gate arrived and installed. 8/4/06 - Finally got the boards installed and the path roughed out. 8/4/06 - The inside path was roughed out as well.

I got a little time and finished shaping out the paths, forming up for the concrete trash pad, and hauling gravel.

  8/12/06 8/12/06

8/22/06 - This was a bit of hardscape that needed to be done.  I hated having the garbage cans by the house.  This pad will eventually become a structure.

Dad and John got all of the concrete mixed and poured. I did the finish work.  Turned out o.k. for an amateur hack.  
8/23/06 - They got the part outside of the gate that folks can see done. 8/23/06 - John learning the skill from his Grandma. 3/30/07 - Ryan and John got this done one afternoon during spring break.

It is hard to believe that this project was about two years in the making.  With so many more critical tasks to perform here, this took a back-burner.  But it was well worth the wait!

5/7/07   5/7/07

5/18/07 - We rented a sod cutter and removed the grass from the areas that Mom wanted to put into new flowerbeds.

5/30/07 - Got some more work done on the beds.  The sod cutter broke down on the first day so we rented it again to finish up the job.

Compare this picture to the one at the top of the page.

This is the path we take for my "commute" to work every day.

Looking back up the path towards the entrance.

Patio Area

Using rocks we dig up occasionally as functional landscape features.

Yard from entry gate.

Entry and house parking area.

New screened picnic table area Mom & Dad bought.

This was kind of a wild, overgrown area in the yard that John cleared out.

This is a closer view of the area in the background in the previous picture.

This project has mainly been done by Mom, Dad and John.  Mom has been working on the landscape here for about ten years.  With her diagnosis this spring, she has gone to town.  It is really looking beautiful.

6/25/07 - The hammock I ordered got here and John was fast to claim it.

6/27/07 - This bed got completed and the wildflower seeds are all coming up.

6/27/07 - This bed has been neglected for a few years.  Since before the highway project.

6/27/07 - This picture was taken after Dad had already mowed the whole place, he had been hauling bark for Mom and emptying her wheel barrows of weeds and junk.

7/15/07 - Path to the backyard

7/15/07 - Front

7/15/07 - Facing east.

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