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Small Grain Production

This is a subject that has been of interest to me for a very long time. Prior to WW-II, when there were still a lot of small working farms in our region, agricultural diversity on the farm was common.  Families would produce meat, dairy products, eggs, animal feed, produce, and even find room to raise a few acres of grain.  This ancient farming model nearly became extinct as huge monoculture enterprises took over agriculture.

In recent years, as people are waking up to the benefits of local economies, local food, and self-sufficiency, small grain production is again being investigated.

One of the difficulties that I immediately ran into was that there are no longer any equipment manufacturers in the United States producing the machinery and equipment necessary for small scale grain production.  So I switched gears and started researching and again looking to our past.

In doing so, I found a piece of equipment that was once very common on the small, diverse farms of the past - A 1955, Allis-Chalmers Model 66 All-Crop Harvester.  It was an exciting find for me, was a bit of a challenge to relocate to the farm, but it is now here, tarped up and awaiting time and resources necessary for restoration.

That was once piece of the puzzle.  I intend to continue to accumulate the remaining equipment so we can experiment with small grain farming.

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Note:  The following links are provided as informational resources.  I have no personal experience or connection to them.  They are simply web pages that I found while researching this subject.

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