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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Grandpa's Food Dehydrator

Front Inside

Some of my early memories are of the bags of dried prunes and pears that my Grandpa Dunton would bring to our house every year.

We stored them in the heavy bags in the freezer and Mom allowed us to snack on them when ever we wanted.  Man, they were better than candy!

Now that we are on the farm and have those pear and plum trees of Grandpa's to tend, we have his old General Electric food dehydrator and carry on the tradition of drying fruit for our family.

Future plan is to design and construct a solar dehydrator.

(by Mike Dunton)

9/08 - The fan motor died at the end of last season.  Dad pulled it apart and we got the following information of of the spec plate on the fan motor.

Model 3553
1/70 HP
Type L
48W   0.7 A
1550 RPM
Redmond Co., Inc.
S/N 653553

We did a brief search locally for a replacement but I ended up ordering a motor with similar specs off of ebay for about $20.

9/17/08 - Dad got the motor installed but the rotation was incorrect.  I ended up having to re-orient each of the fan's blades 180.  This worked.  Thankfully it was a metal fan.


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