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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

About Certified Naturally Grown

Click Here for More Info About Certified Naturally GrownAs stated in our farming philosophy, we believe that we are to be stewards of all that we have been given responsibility over.  On this basis, we chose to pursue a sustainable lifestyle and farming practices.

We have been followers of the organic movement since the '70s and carried these principles with us when we assumed the responsibility of our family's farm in 1988.

When the National Organic Program was implemented in 2002, farmers like us that once proudly referred to ourselves as "organic" were no longer allowed to do so unless we became "certified" by a USDA sanctioned agency.

Certification through the National Organic Program (NOP) requires an enormous amount of record keeping.  Literally a paper trail of every type of thing you are growing, from seed to sale. This may be feasible for large commodity farms that grow a few types of vegetables (monocrop plantings) and market under contract to chain stores or big processing plants, but time is a short commodity to small growers of diverse crops with a few family members available to complete all tasks.

The costs associated with USDA certification - both in terms of money and paperwork requirements - is just too great for many small farmers.  They pose an economic barrier.  We chose to certify our farm under the Certified Naturally Grown program back in 2006.  You can view our farm page on the CNG site by clicking here.

Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) was created to address the challenges that smaller, diversified organic farms face when considering the USDA's Organic program.

Small farms and CSAs may grow hundreds of varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruits every year and sell them directly to consumers in their own communities.  But the volumes of paperwork, coupled with the equivalent of an additional tax (fees and assessments) have made Organic Certification prohibitive for diversified small farms such as ours.

CNG farmers are exempt from the fees and paperwork requirements associated with USDA Certified Organic, yet they are required to adhere to CNG's Certification Standards and inspections that are based on the highest principles and ideals of organic farming.

Because CNG farm documentation is available on-line, and because there is typically a personal relationship between CNG farmers and the folks they serve, there is a high degree of accountability.

Certified Naturally Grown is an independent program not accredited by, or in any way affiliated with, the USDA National Organic Program. CNGs Certification Standards include, but are not limited to, the USDA Organic Standards.

CNGs Program Requirements are reasonable and affordable, and many farmers find the inspection process itself a valuable learning experience.

Certified Naturally Grown is nationally recognized and endorsed. Please find and support the CNG farms in your area!

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