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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Castanea spp.

Chestnuts are beautiful, large spreading, nut trees.  They feature long, tropical looking, glossy green foliage and showy cascades of fragrant, yellow male catkins.

In the fall you can harvest abundant crops of sweet and nutritious nuts encased in unique, spiny, golden brown balls. Unique among nuts, chestnuts are high in starch and are delicious roasted or boiled. If you do not eat your nuts shortly after harvest, it is best to refrigerate them in plastic bags to keep them from drying out.

  • Size at Maturity: 25-30 ft. in height
  • Pollination: Plant at least two trees for nut production.
  • Pests & Diseases: Chestnuts do not suffer from pest or disease problems in the Northwest.
  • Hardiness: Chestnuts are hardy to approx. minus 25F
  • Bearing Age: 3-4 years after planting
  • Bloom Time: June
  • Ripening Time: Late September
  • Yield: 50+ lbs.
  • USDA Zone: 4

We have planted a variety of chestnut called 'Colossal'.  They are a hybrid of Japanese and European chestnuts and are reportedly resistant to Chestnut Blight, a serious disease of Chestnuts in Eastern North America.

Additionally, we are growing out some trees from an orchard in Northern California that our Grandmother sent us.  Click here for more information.

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