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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Tree Nursery

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Since I was in high school, I dreamed of planting trees around the farm to block out unwanted views.  As the decades have passed, the neighboring sawmill has expanded, the railroad has gotten uglier as they use the area at the back of the mill for a dump, people are building houses behind us, the highway has encroached, and needless to say, the desire to modify the view has increased.

In the late winter of 2002 we purchased and planted 250 sequoia trees around the north perimeter.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of the hottest and driest summers ever and in spite of hauling water to them, all but perhaps two or three perished.

Since we have to carefully manage our budget, we have decided to try and build up out own nursery stock and experiment with forestry and woodlot management.

Volunteer tree seedlings are harvested.  These happen to be ornamental maples and flowering Japanese plums.

This is a two year old Elm tree that was grown from a seed that accidentally came out from Tennessee in 2003.  It hitched a ride on the surface of the soil in a tomato plant that my buddy sent me.

Cottonwood tree?  There is a stand of mature cottonwood on the NE border of the property along the railroad right-of-way.  They do well in wet areas and grow quickly.

Three year old Chestnut trees grown from seeds sent to us by Denise's grandma in Northern California.  Click here for more Chestnut information.

A pallet of one year old Vine Maple trees.  These were collected spring 2004 in the leaf compost brought to us by Mike's landscaper cousin.  They were repotted in gallon pots 4/8/05. This is a two year old Vine Maple.  These are ornamentals and not intended as part of our perimeter plantings.  They are just beautiful trees.

5/20/05 - Two year old trees.  Mostly maples.

5/20/05 - This is one way we are building nursery stock.  Here are a bunch of seedling that are just coming up from the compost material from this past fall.

5/20/05 - More stock.  These came up last summer and were moved here in the fall.

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