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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909


2010 Mahindra

[ Our Equipment Page ]

The need for a reliable, lighter, and more manueverable tractor had become significant.  With our long, wet springs, I needed to find a way to cultivate and prepare the soil for spring planting.  We cultivate too much land now so using the Troy Bilt tiller is not practical and the 606D is too big and heavy and is prone to sinking and getting stuck.

At David Pendergrass' suggestion, I started researching the Mahindra line of tractors.  He knew my affinity towards classic International Harvester tractors and explained that Mahindra's roots were in manufacturing International tractors in India.

8/30/10 -  This led me to finding a local dealer here in Molalla about 10 miles from the farm - Ernie's Imports, Inc.  After going back in forth in email over a period of several days, we made an appointment and Dad and I drove up to look at the tractors and equipment.  I got all of the pricing and information, did some checking around, bounced it off of David, and called Ernie back and ordered it.  He delivered the tractor and all of the equipment today.

The equipment package ordered along with the tractor included a Mahindra Model 106 loader, Howse box scraper, post hole digger, Howse 5' mower deck and a used Yanmar tiller. John driving a tractor, and a manual transmission, both for the first time. Temporary parking spot.  I just needed to get things under cover.


Bucket Width: 60 inches
Capacity: 9 cu. ft.
Lift Height: 96.5 inches
Dumped: 79 inches
Lift Capacity: 1.050 lbs. at pivot
Breakaway Capacity: 2,172 lbs.

Standard Features:

Adjustable drawbar
Industrial tires
Clear view multifunctional instrument panel
Comfortable adjustable driver seat with water drain facility
Comfortable mounting step and easy grip handle on either side of tractor
Easy access hydraulic block to enable external hydraulic connections
Easy forward tilt possible on seat for tractor storage
Easy hook for top link retention
Easy latch for clutch pedal locking during tractor storage
Enclosed down swept exhaust muffler
Ergonomic controls and pedals for operator comfort
Foldable ROPS (Roll Over Protection System)
Four wheel drive
Front bumper / weight bracket
Full open hood
Handy tool box behind driver's seat
Hitch lowering speed adjustment knob
Power steering
Reinforced metal fenders
Spacious semi-flat deck
Strong band of rubber with metal hooks for lower link retention
Tiltable steering column
Turn buckle check chains for lower links
Made in Japan, not India, with a 28 HP Mitsubishi diesel engine

Manuals and Brochures:

16 Series Brochure
2816 Brochure
2816 Operators Manual
2816 Parts Manual
ML106 Loader Manual

Yanmar RSB-1502 Tiller

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