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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Tree Planting on the Farm

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This is an ongoing project to create a forested perimeter around the farm. The purpose is to provide a visual barrier, wildlife habitat, as well as a barrier against potential pollen and chemical drift from neighboring properties.

3/14/12 - The man that ran the planting crew last year stopped in and said that he had a lot of trees available and would work with me on a good deal. We met and discussed what he had to offer as well as pricing.

3/26/12 - I called and later in the day we met again. I decided to go with a mix of golden and standard Deodora Cedars, Western Cedars, and Golden Cedars. I some of the wetter areas, they will plant Leland Cypress. These are all going to be fourteen to fifteen foot tall trees.

Additionally, so we didn't have to pay a teenager to keep them watered all summer like last year, they are installing a drip irrigation system as part of the deal.

3/31/12 - Today, a tree crew of about six guys arrived at 0930.  Within about an hour they had popped all of the trees that Hannah and Ryan planted last June and got them replanted along the south fence line.

They then went to work marking out and digging the holes for the big trees.  They got a few of the big trees planted as well.  We are going to mix them up so that it doesn't look so unnatural.

4/1/12 - Two guys came for a couple of hours and got the last of the big hole dug in the upper field.

4/2/12 - This morning I got outside at about 8:15 a.m. and walked the perimeter to see how they were doing. Man is it wet. All of the holes are either underwater or within a few inches. I counted 81 holes / trees. I spent about an hour hauling all of the two foot tall potted Austrian Pines that were left over from last year. I got them scattered out along the east fence. Eventually that will block the view of the feed mill.

NOTE: They never did come back to plant these trees so we ended up having to do it.

Western Perimeter - Highway 213 Border

A Very Wet Hole

Standing at the South End of the Field Facing Northeast - Western Perimeter - Highway 213 Border

Standing in the Southwest corner looking east along to southern property line.
Standing in the Southeast corner looking north along the eastern property line.

Looking west back at the farm.

Facing north from about halfway in the middle of the eastern property line

Facing south from about halfway in the middle of the eastern property line

At about 11:30, they started hauling in more trees.

4/8/12 - These are just progress pictures of the upper (south) field perimeter work.


Just about all of the trees planted and posts installed.

Trees tied off to the posts and drip irrigation lines run.

Trees still bundled and posts being installed.

Outside looking in.

Inside looking out.

A row planted at the far corner.

4/12/12 - Work began on the more trees in the bottom (north) field. Over Christmas break (12/11), John got around fifty small 'Austrian Pines' planted. These were trees that we got as bare root stock last spring and potted them up.

Today the crew used a digger to get all of the holes dug for big trees. Since it was so wet down there, we went with smaller (eight foot) trees as that required small holes and therefore, smaller machinery. Additionally, because it does stay so wet in that area, we went with 'Leyland Cypress' trees. They should compliment the other conifer and deciduous trees already there.

4/13/12 - To save on wear and tear to the ground, they delivered the trees for the bottom field by lifting them up and over the fence from the sawmill parking lot.  The then got them all moved and set into the holes.

The following pictures show a view of the south perimeter from a different angle.

4/18/12 - Today they finished getting all of the cypress trees planted and got the baling twine off of them.

4/23/12 - Today no work went on. Just snapped a couple of pictures in good light.

4/25/12 - Just some more shots.  Today a crew delivered a trailer load of trees that will be planted along the southern most fence line on the farm. They got stuck (bad) so I got the tractor out and pulled them out. Since the tractor was out and dirty, I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon tilling up the big gardens in the field.

4/26/12 - Today a crew of two worked on pounding posts and starting the process of tying up the trees in the bottom field.

4/27/12 - Today they worked on tying up the trees in the bottom field but ran out of posts. As far as I could tell, there was only one person working and after the bottom field, he headed up to the far end of the north field to get the trees delivered on the 25th planted.

NOTE: It was about this time that they just never came back. They didn't quite finish everything, for example clean-up and planting the potted trees along the feedmill's driveway, and they left a small step ladder and the post pounder. I was kind of ticked off but if a deal like that arose again, I would still hire them.

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