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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

Greenhouse Installation / "Kitchen Garden" Renovation

This project started in the Spring of 2005. Because of the uncertainty of the highway expansion project, and because we have been concentrating growing efforts out in the fields, our old kitchen garden was neglected. Since the highway plan was finalized in the summer / fall of 2004, we began the process of renovating the old garden as an expansion space as well as to supplement the family's diet. Additionally, we outgrew our old, kludged together greenhouse and purchased an 8' x 16' kit. We ran out of time last year but finally pulled off the installation this year!

[ Click Here for Greenhouse Specs ] [ Click for the 2012 Page ]

2/16/05 - "Greenhouse" arrives.

2/16/05 - Neglected kitchen garden area. 4/4/05 - Area after several hours of cleanup. Removing old, rotted beds, mowing, removing and leveling soil, etc.


4/7/05 - Thinned the tangled mess of filbert trees in the background. Long poles were saved for future service as bean poles.  
4/25/05 - Asparagus bed relocated and remains of old beds leveled. Preparing for new greenhouse. 4/25/05 - After filling up the bed in the picture on the left above, we still had leftover plants. Made a new bed closer to the house. It is in an area that is a bit more shaded. Kind of an experiment. We sure ate a mess of it out of here this year. First year of production!

5/3/05 - Landscape cloth down and foundation base in rough location.

3/26/06 - Not quite a year has passed since we last worked on this. We had to haul the frame to the driveway and assemble and install the greenhouse base plate.

3/26/06 - This was then carried to the location and leveled.

3/26/06 - Another view of the site.

3/26/06 - Assembly begins.

3/26/06 - Roof frame assembly.

3/26/06 - Some of the parts pile. Not for the impatient or faint of heart.

3/26/06 - Roof frame assembly.

3/26/06 - Roof frame assembly.
3/26/06 - Roof frame assembly. 3/26/06 - Close-up of option end louvered windows. 3/27/06 - Nearly completed roof assembly.
3/27/06 - Trimming optional roof vents. 3/27/06 - Studs being installed. 3/27/06 - Studs being installed.
3/27/06 - Studs being installed.

3/27/06 - Studs being installed. Note the Birkenstock wearing long haired hippie on the right. Sadly, shortly after this picture was taken, he was forced by family members, who threatened to no longer allow him to sleep in the house, to cut his hair. A tragedy in this author's humble opinion.

3/27/06 - Installing wall panels.
3/27/06 - Installing wall panels. 3/27/06 - Figuring out the glazing. 3/27/06 - John Working on door assembly.
3/27/06 - 3/27/06 - Getting Close. 3/27/06 - Supper Time
3/30/06 - Doors hung and working on finishing weather stripping.

3/31/06 - John hauled more wheelbarrow loads of gravel over. Used up the last of our pile. Will need more before we are done.

3/31/06 - The gravel is integral to the greenhouse design. We placed a weed barrier down so the gravel provide drainage, a nice floor surface to work with, but more importantly, it work with the optional foundation system we bought (the black base as seen above) to anchor the structure.


3/31/06 - Outside close-up view of the southeast corner illustrating how high above grade we had to build up to reach level.


9/23/06 - I had extra gravel from the Machine Shed expansion project so I (finally) was able to get the floor filled in.

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