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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

1961 International Harvester
Farmall Cub

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6/3/11 - Time screams by!  The tractor did not quickly start in 2008 so back the tarp went and it has sat in our shed since.  A few nights ago I tried again but the "new" battery was now completely worthless.  I got a new battery, installed and it cranked strong but had no sign of firing.  Checked and there is a spark from the coil (which looked to be original) but it was weak looking.  So today Dad went to the parts store and picked up a new coil and while he was at it, I got all of the parts for a minor tune-up - plugs, cap, rotor, points, condenser and new plug wires.

8/10/08 - I bought this Cub back in 1988 when my Uncle Don found it in a barn in Oregon City.  It was owned by a widow whose husband had bought it new from Landeen Tractors in Oregon City.  She was selling her farm and the tractor was no longer needed.  I paid $800 and got the tractor, three point hitch, crate carrier, 48-inch belly mower, plow, disks (need repairs), tine harrow, and a sickle bar mower (that also needs repaired).  I was able to install a new battery and get it running but it had not led a pampered life.  I had the radiator recored and used it for quite a few years as a field mower.  I parked it in 2001, threw a tarp over it and left it for a "someday" restoration project.

The pictures taken below were taken this afternoon after removing the tarp.  We have not cleaned it or changed fluids.  The oil looked pretty good, the gas smells bad and I have a charger on the "new" battery that I had Dad pick up for me in 2006.  That was the last time I was going to work on it but never got around to it.  The battery has been sitting on the bench in the shop.  Hopefully it is still o.k.

Left Side of the Engine

 Right Side of the Engine

The Instrument
 The 606D next to the Cub

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