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Welcome to Dunton Family Farms
Since 1909

1955 Farmall Cub
Cub 447 Vegetable Cultivator

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11/2/11 - My friend David down in Tenessee actually found this tractor for me.  And it was located about 30 minutes from our farm.  He knew that I was looking for a set of cultivators for my Cub (the 1961) and saw this on Craig's List.  What was interesting was that it was listed in the Bellingham, Washington version of the web site so I would have not seen it.

Denise and I drove down to check it out on Sunday afternoon (10/30) and I shook on the deal.  I told him that I needed to get my trailer roadworthy.  I got it out of the shed and hauled it to the shop on Monday.  They got tires replaced and completely rewired it and finished yesterday afternoon.

This morning, Dad and I headed down and picked it up, along with a pile of old Cub parts he was willing to part with.  I am still trying to identify them all.

The next group of photos is of the pile of parts that Glenn threw into the deal.  Most are tool bars.  Some are parts for Cubs.  A couple of pieces may be for other tractors.


Cub Drawbar

Another Drawbar
(Perhaps from an Alis Chalmers G)

Another View of the Drawbar Above.
(Perhaps from an Alis Chalmers G)

Left Side Front Toolbar

Right Side Front Toolbar


Rear top link section of the cultivator

Another view of the previous picture.

Lift bars

(Possibly from an IH Model A or C)

Rear toolbars

brand freaking new toolbar clamp

IH Parts box revealed the stuff to the right

Clamps and Wedge Bolts

Box of Wedge Bolts

Rear Spring Rods

Planter Body


The next pictures are items that I purchased from him separately.  They are brand new in the box, Planet Jr. Chain-Driven Double-Spout Hoppers.  The part number is 8197X.  I don't have planters yet but I got these for about 1/3 price of new ones and these are metal and not plastic and nylon like the new ones.

Each unit comes with a sprocket and three seed plates.

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